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Yeast and Beer Flavors with Dr Charlie Bamforth – BeerSmith Podcast #164

Dr Charlie Bamforth joins me this week to discuss how brewing yeast and yeast health affects flavors in beer.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (53:15)

  • Today my guest is Dr Charles Bamforth, Professor of Malting and Brewing Science at the University of California at Davis.
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Grassy Off Flavors in Home Brewed Beer

barley_beer_webGrassy off flavors in beer can ruin an otherwise excellent brew. This week we take a look at the cause of grassy flavors in beer and what you can do about it!

Grassy Flavors and Aroma

Grassy flavors include vegetal, plant-like, hay, fresh leaves or aromas reminiscent of fresh cut grass.… Read More

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