Pressure Fermentation with Chris White, John Blichmann- BeerSmith Podcast #163

Chris White and John Blichmann join me to discuss their experiments in pressurized fermentation of beer in a quest to produce lager-like beers at room temperature.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (52:36)

  • Today my guests are John Blichmann and Chris White.
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Brewing Considerations for Very High Gravity Beers

Brewing high gravity beers like barley wines, tripels, and imperial stouts present some challenges unique to high gravity brewing. This week I provide a few tips and considerations that come into play when brewing high gravity beers.

Big Beer Challenges

High gravity beers which start at around 1.080 original gravity and can go as high as 1.120 present serious challenges that may surprise the average homebrewer.… Read More

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The Right Way to Hydrate Dry Yeast for Beer Brewing

This week I take a look at the proper method for hydrating dry yeast for beer brewing to maximize your viability and produce a healthy fermentation.

Dry Yeast for Home Brewing

While dry yeast does not offer quite the selection of liquid yeast, it does have some significant advantages as it is much easier to store, can be stored much longer, and is easier to prepare.… Read More

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