Our New Beer Forum

Oh my word, a beer forum!

Our little site is developing at the speed of light. We now have a place for people to add their opinions and share ideas revolving around beer, how cool is that?

If you look at the top right hand corner of our blog you will see the link.… Read More

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Namibian Breweries Hansa Draught.

You find all sorts of treasures in the desert. Rocks, minerals, your sanity etc. I found another one on a recent trip to Namibia. It is called Hansa Draught.

First a bit of history:

Those readers from South Africa might be wondering why SAB would only sell Hansa draught in Namibia.… Read More

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First Love

I spent yesterday at the pool party of a friend of mine. We had awesome weather and great company. I had brought some Tafel Lagers with me. While drinking my first one I remembered that this was my first love (in terms of beer).… Read More

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Darling Brew Beers

There are few things better than watching rugby with some good beers.

I watched the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final with the range of Darling Brew beers. What a pleasure that was. Finally I got to see a Rugby World Cup final that was exciting and not a game of attrition.… Read More

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&Union Berne Lager

Last night I went for dinner with some lovely company.

We went to 44Stanley and had a lovely evening. I highly recommend a visit there day and night. The restaurant we went to was party chosen due to their range of beers, particularly, their &Union beers!… Read More

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You heard it here first.

So I am very excited by what was shared with me today.

Thanks to a generous contribution from SAB, the University of Johannesburg is in the process of designing and installing a micro-brewery! This was due to some clever convincing by Robert Stafford, a chemical engineer and lecturer at the UJ Doornfontien campus.… Read More

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What is wrong with me?!

Last night, as part of a special, I received a Castle Lager Draught. Grudgingly I drank it only to find that I was enjoying it. The hops came through with a fruity flavour and finished not only with crisp bitterness, but also with a spicy note.… Read More

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I just came back from an epic trip, from the South of Germany, up the Rhine to Cologne, Hamburg, Sterkrade in Oberhausen, Berlin and Prague. A trip through these cities would not be complete without tasting all the local beers. We did not make such a mistake.… Read More

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