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Fifteen Year Anniversary Sale on BeerSmith 3 – Get Up to 33% off!

In October of 2003, I launched the very first version of BeerSmith. This month we’ve reached our 15 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re having a sale on all BeerSmith 3 desktop packages. If you have not yet upgraded to BeerSmith 3, this is your chance to get BeerSmith 3 desktop at our very lowest price. … Read More

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BeerSmith 3 Fall Sale – Get a Free Month with any Gold or Above Purchase!

I just opened a sale on BeerSmith 3 – get an extra month for free with any Gold or above software purchase! The sale runs through 30 September 2018.

Get BeerSmith 3 on Sale!

If you are looking to upgrade from BeerSmith 2 to BeerSmith 3 or want to get an amazing piece of software at a great price, I highly recommend you take advantage of the sale.Read More

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BeerSmith 3 Mobile and Ubuntu Linux Versions Released

This week I published the BeerSmith 3.0 update for BeerSmith Mobile on Google Play, iTunes and also the Amazon app store. In addition the Ubuntu Linux versions of BeerSmith 3 are also now available.

BeerSmith Mobile Version 3

BeerSmith Mobile version 3 adds mead, wine and cider support to the mobile platform as well as a number of enhanced beer features.… Read More

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An Overview of BeerSmith 3 Software for Beer, Mead, Wine and Cider Making

Here is an overview video of some of the mead, wine and cider features included in BeerSmith 3 software.

BeerSmith 3 adds a variety of new features for beer brewers including in-recipe water tools, mash pH adjustment and updated data as well as support for mead, wine and cider recipes for the first time ever.… Read More

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BeerSmith 3 – Pricing and Preorder Discount Open Now!

A few days ago I sent the BeerSmith 3 Quick Look out and described some of the highlights for BeerSmith 3 including:

  • Beer, Mead, Wine and Cider recipe support and an updated user interface
  • Substantial new beer features including water and mash tools, 2 step starters, and more

Today I’m happy to open the preorder discount.… Read More

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