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Using the Cloud Folder Features in BeerSmith 3 Brewing Software

This week I present a short video tutorial on how to use the new cloud folder and move/copy features in BeerSmith 3 software for beer brewing, mead, wine and cider making.


You can find additional tutorials on the main tutorial page and download a free trial copy of BeerSmith from… Read More

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BeerSmith Cloud Recipe Privacy and Sharing Explained

This week I present a short overview of the cloud sharing, privacy and folder features available in BeerSmith 3 home brewing software. The cloud features in BeerSmith let you share recipes between your computers and phone, share with other users or just use as an online private backup for your recipes.… Read More

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Creating a Wine Recipe with BeerSmith 3 Software

Here is a short video tutorial on how to create a wine recipe in BeerSmith 3 as well as as a demonstration of some of the wine making features supported.

Support for wine was added in BeerSmith 3. BeerSmith 3 is software for creating beer recipes which also has support for wine, cider and mead makers to let you create, record and make great wine.… Read More

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Fifteen Year Anniversary Sale on BeerSmith 3 – Get Up to 33% off!

In October of 2003, I launched the very first version of BeerSmith. This month we’ve reached our 15 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re having a sale on all BeerSmith 3 desktop packages. If you have not yet upgraded to BeerSmith 3, this is your chance to get BeerSmith 3 desktop at our very lowest price. … Read More

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Fifteen Years of BeerSmith – Our 15th Anniversary

In late October of 2013, I published version 1.0 of BeerSmith. Now 15 years later, the BeerSmith community has grown and through the software, newsletter, articles and podcast to reach hundreds of thousands of brewers worldwide. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support.… Read More

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