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BeerSmith Fall Newsletter, Barley Crusher Sale, Ways to Support BeerSmith

Fresh beer glass over white backgroundBeerSmith Mobile 2.3 Coming in December

Some news and links you may have missed…I’m finishing up the updates to BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 – The 2.3 updates to BeerSmith mobile will include Add-ons, Session Data, Mash pH estimation and adjustment, improved whirlpool support and more.

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Using a Refractometer with BeerSmith Brewing Software

refractometerThis week we take a look at how to get the most out of your refractometer using BeerSmith. Many people prefer refractometer for ease of use, small sample size and simpler temperature management, but you need to do some adjustment to the numbers you get from your refractometer to be able to use it accurately.… Read More

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Whirlpool and No Chill Hop Features in BeerSmith 2.3

Beer bottle and glass with fresh green hop and wheat on rustic wooden table still lifeOne of the many features introduced in BeerSmith 2.3 is improved handling for whirlpool/hop stand handling as well as support for the “no chill” brewing method. These features give home brewers more flexibility than ever for handling whirlpool hops and extended chill periods for your wort.… Read More

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Using the new Session Tab Feature in BeerSmith 2.3

SessionThis week we take a quick look at the new session logging features in BeerSmith 2.3. BeerSmith now gives you a single place to record your data for beer brewing including detailed fermentation data.

The BeerSmith Session Tab

One of the many new features in BeerSmith 2.3 is the recipe session tab.… Read More

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Using the New Brewing Water and Mash pH Tools in BeerSmith 2.3

Frosty glass of light beer on black backgroundOne of the most anticipated new features in BeerSmith 2.3 is the new water analysis and mash pH tools available. I’ve written many posts on why the proper mash pH in the 5.2-5.6 range is important for brewing your best beer, and V2.3 of BeerSmith makes it easier than ever!… Read More

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BeerSmith 2.3 Update Released and Available for Download!

SoftNew200I’m pleased to announce that the BeerSmith 2.3 desktop update has been released for download. You can download the new version here. This update is free for all existing V2.x license holders, and the trial version is available for those just starting with BeerSmith.… Read More

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