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Brewing Considerations for Very High Gravity Beers

Brewing high gravity beers like barley wines, tripels, and imperial stouts present some challenges unique to high gravity brewing. This week I provide a few tips and considerations that come into play when brewing high gravity beers.

Big Beer Challenges

High gravity beers which start at around 1.080 original gravity and can go as high as 1.120 present serious challenges that may surprise the average homebrewer.… Read More

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Using a Refractometer with BeerSmith Brewing Software

refractometerThis week we take a look at how to get the most out of your refractometer using BeerSmith. Many people prefer refractometer for ease of use, small sample size and simpler temperature management, but you need to do some adjustment to the numbers you get from your refractometer to be able to use it accurately.… Read More

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Fixing Low Gravity and Efficiency in All Grain Beer Brewing – Beer Brewing Quick Tip

Tips200This quick brewing tip video takes a look at the primary cause for low original gravity and poor efficiency when brewing all grain beer recipes. It also explains how to fix it.

BeerSmith Quick Brewing and Software tips are some short 1-3 minute video clips I’ve put together for brewers.… Read More

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Using the new Session Tab Feature in BeerSmith 2.3

SessionThis week we take a quick look at the new session logging features in BeerSmith 2.3. BeerSmith now gives you a single place to record your data for beer brewing including detailed fermentation data.

The BeerSmith Session Tab

One of the many new features in BeerSmith 2.3 is the recipe session tab.… Read More

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Correcting Low Original Gravity in All Grain Brewing

grains_webHave you ever missed your original gravity (OG) target when brewing all grain beer? Its not an uncommon problem for beer brewers, particularly when you start all grain brewing or change you equipment setup. This week we’re going to examine some of the possible causes of low OG and also how to mitigate them.… Read More

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Brewhouse Efficiency vs Mash Efficiency in All Grain Beer Brewing

beer backgroundEfficiency is an important number to understand for all grain beer brewing. Your system efficiency determines the original gravity of the beer as well as how much grain is required to develop a given recipe. Understanding the difference between mash and brewhouse efficiency is also important – as it also drives the grains required.… Read More

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