How to Brew Beer

Want to brew your own delicious homebrewed beer? It’s easier than you think!

You will find a lot of instructions and general advice on these pages.
Some will be contradictory. Read and read some more.
Ask questions from other brewers on the mailing list.

Getting Started

How to Brew – by John Palmer
This is the place to start reading. John has written a great book for beginners. Download from his website: How to Brew

No special equipment needed
An Instructable article on how to make a mini batch of beer without any special equipment.

YouTube – Easy Home Brewing with a Cooper’s Micro Brew Kit: YouTube Video

Getting Interesting

Greg’s quick and easy beer. A good read to improve your kit beer. Making better kit beers

Instructable: a pictorial guide to brew full grain
This is a step by step guide to brew beer from scratch using the raw ingredients. The method explained here is a “full mash / full grain” meaning that the extract is made from crushed malted grain and not pre-prepared extract, which can be bought in a tin. Going full grain

How to keep track of your brews
Resources to record and keep track of your recipes Hopville Recipe Tracker

Getting Technical

An article about beer at Wikipedia discussing a short history, ingredients, types and styles of beer etc.

A wikibook about brewing.

Brew Wiki
Paul Sorrenson’s Brew Wiki. This Brew Wiki has many informative How-To’s: from your first brew to making your own equipment.

Batch Sparging
Learn all about batch sparging Other technical articles on brewing-related topics from the library at HBD.

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