About Us

Welcome to the SouthYeasters Homebrew Club. We are a bunch of beer brewing enthusiasts in Cape Town, South Africa.

We meet once a month to discuss beer – brewing it, drinking it and loving it. If you also are passionate about the amber nectar (or pale gold, black, brown, etc nectar!) then please come to our meetings or one of our events. Everyone is welcome – whether you have yet to brew or are still wondering if you like drinking beer – come and have a great time and try some great homebrew!!

If you want to learn to brew, the best way is to drop by one of our meetings and have a chat to us. We also have some basic resources to help here on our site.

You can join the club if you decide this is for you. (Note: you don't need to be a member to attend events).

For the most up to date club info, send an email to committee@southyeasters.co.za to be added to the WhatsApp group or have a look at our Linktree: