Useful Links

I can almost guarantee you aren't the first to try anything in brewing, and everyone loves to write about what they've done - and many want to help others if you ask. So, here are some useful links. (If you would like to be added to these lists, please just drop us a line)


  • How to Brew - The place to start

  • Brulosophy - Do experiments that challenge the conventional wisdoms

  • Milk the Funk - all about sour and wild beers and techniques

  • Craft beer and brewing - general brewing publication with useful articles and recipes

  • BJCP - Beer Judge Certification Programme (contact us if you want to know more)

  • Brewdog - Scottish brewery that share all their recipes - look for DIY Dog on the website (sorry, link moves around)

  • On Tap magazine - free online



Cape Town

  • BeerGuevara - Ingredients, Equipment, Training

  • Beerlab - Ingredients, Equipment, Training

  • BevPlus/BeerPlus - Ingredients, Equipment

  • We also have a long list of other suppliers, mainly equipment, send us an email with a specific ask, but here are a few: Brew Engineers (Kettles), Electrical Industries (Kegging Parts), Flex-It (Camlock fittings), Multi-Metal (Stainless fittings). Also bulk/wholesalers such as AfricaHops (Whitelabs yeast, Barth-Haas Hops, Simpsons Malts).

Online Services

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