Learn to brew

Starting to brew...

Here at SouthYeasters, a big part of our aim is to help people start and perfect homebrewing. If you take nothing else from this page, please contact us and ask any questions you have. We are all passionate and willing to help and share advice.

So where to start;

  1. Read a book - we recommend "How to Brew" by John Palmer. The first edition is available online for FREE (www.howtobrew.com). The 4th, expanded edition was released recently and while it covers a lot more topics, these basics are unchanged.

  2. Attend a homebrew meeting - Check out our events and come along and ask questions.

  3. Choose a type of brewing - Extract, Partial Mash or All Grain.

  4. Maybe do a course - in Cape Town, currently BeerGuevara and Beerlab offer courses. (We believe there are more options coming soon as well - please let us know)

Talks from our meetings

We plan to build a collection of basic talks, delivering one at every second SouthYeasters meeting to help people get going. Content is aimed to help both novice and advancing brewers. Click the link below to access the slides in PDF format.

Our content is focussed on what is available easily to brewers in Cape Town, South Africa.

Coming soon

  • Yeast & Fermentation - TBC, Chris Rothman, Liquid Culture

  • DIY Builds - In the meantime, a link to one of the main home brewery build sites - the electric brewery.